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In today’s digital era, it is essential to manage your Google reviews to safeguard your website’s profitability. Reviews play a significant role in influencing people’s decision-making, and it is imperative to ensure that your reviews present an accurate and positive perception of your company.

Google reviews are prominently displayed on the search results page alongside your business name and can either make or break potential customers’ decision to engage with your business. For instance, if someone is looking for a plumber and finds two highly rated ones and another poorly rated one, they are more likely to contact the highly rated ones and ignore the poorly rated one. Thus, having a high rating allows you to clear the first hurdle towards getting an enquiry.

Additionally, Google reviews are highly regarded in rankings, especially for local SEO campaigns. A business’s ranking can determine whether it will be prominently displayed on the Local Pack, complete with one-click call functionality on mobile, or be relegated to page two, three, or even ten.

Google retains reviews indefinitely and doesn’t have an automatic review deletion process. Given that reviews are crucial in influencing potential customers’ perception of a business, Google ensures that authentic reviews remain visible online for as long as possible. To remove a Google review, the business owner must flag the review as fake or inappropriate and provide evidence to Google’s moderation team, who will evaluate and decide whether to remove or hide the review.

Furthermore, businesses cannot delete their Google My Business page to get rid of the reviews. Once a Google My Business page is created, it is a challenge to remove a review.

Your keyword rankings, particularly in your local area, can be negatively impacted by low-quality Google reviews. SEO experts’ studies have revealed that Google places considerable importance on a business’s reviews when deciding where to display them on the results page. The reviews play an even more significant role in determining which businesses appear in the highly sought-after three Local Pack spots.

Having a significant number of negative reviews will undoubtedly harm your keyword rankings. However, since dissatisfied customers are more likely to leave reviews than satisfied customers, it can be challenging to improve your score. Impressive can assist you in devising various tactics and strategies to encourage happy customers to leave reviews.

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Making it easy for your clients to leave a Google review is crucial for enhancing your company’s reputation with potential customers. We simplify this process for you by sending an Email or Text Message requesting them to leave you a review. Don’t underestimate the value of obtaining Google business reviews for your company’s reputation.

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